➥ Typesetting

      (Helena Esperanto-Asocio, software development [Volunteer Work])

➥ Pulp & Paper

      (Prochem Mixing Equipment/Robbins & Myers Canada, software development, systems & database administration)

➥ Civil Engineering

      (J&P Overseas Ltd., software development, administration, management)

➥ Innovation Institutes

      (Technology Transfer Institute Of Greece, systems work)

➥ Computer Systems User Training & Support

      (J&P Overseas Ltd. and Prochem Mixing Equipment/Robbins & Myers Canada)

➥ Beverages Industry

      (Cott Beverages Desktop management, Laptop Evaluation, Antivirus Strategy, Systems Administration and other projects)

➥ Financial Industry

      (Speedware Corporation Financials software development)

➥ Banking Industry

      (Toronto Dominion Bank [Risk Projects] software development)

➥ Investment Technology Industry

      (Toronto Dominion Securities Inc. & ITG [Investment Technology Group] software engineering)

➥ Technical Writing


➥ Academic Instruction

      (Dalhousie University M.Sc. teaching assistantships & Seneca College teaching)

➥ Architecture & Surveying

      (Technology support in Athens, Greece [Volunteer Work])

➥ Oceanography

      (Bedford Institute Of Oceanography & Dalhousie University [M.Sc. research])